december newsletter: a year In review [2017]

December 22, 2017


Is it just me or is December the craziest month of the year? I’ve seen some of you out and about and in response to the question: “how are you?” I’ve most often answered with: “I can’t seem to get to everyone fast enough.” Thank you to all clients, friends, and family for having grace for me during the holiday season. You are the real MVPS.

Amidst eating and drinking and socializing in excess, December is also a month to reflect. So, I am going to be real with you. This is the first newsletter I’ve actually written. If anyone unsubscribed to my old one, I’m not offended. I probably would have too. If you liked it, well, then you are an actual angel. Thank you for supporting me despite my lame attempt to automate my business.

In my third year of business, I learned that I hate marketing. I can do it for someone else, but it is incredibly awkward for me to market myself to you. So if you stick with me here, I promise I won’t try to sell myself to you. I’m just finding lately that it’s hard to keep in touch with everyone I love and serve and think about, so hopefully this will help.

2017 had its setbacks, but I’m going to focus on the positive. This year, I started working as a part-time assistant to another Realtor who needed some help (don’t worry, I still sell houses on my own too), and he quickly became one of my best friends. Shortly after that, an old friend from college moved to Nashville this summer after finishing The World Race, and now I have this new, large group of girlfriends that I became close with pretty much overnight. All this to say: when life just clicks, I believe that is God’s divine intervention. It’s His way of reminding us – through sin and struggle and circumstances – what is truly important. I am blessed to not only have old friends who have seen it all, but new ones I didn’t expect to meet this year. I truly can’t imagine life without all of you.

Athletically, this year was also a lot to be thankful for. I only had one minor injury during the summer, which is monumental for me if you’re familiar with my track record (literally). I started lifting weights and doing more short/intense workouts at Iron Tribe Fitness, not running so much, so I feel stronger than ever. Additionally, yoga teacher training finishes up in January 2018, and hopefully I will be certified to teach Power Vinyasa.

This year I learned that gratitude isn’t a feeling; it’s a discipline. It is a conscious decision to see past current frustrations, insecurities, and situations, and remember that what we do have is much greater than what we don’t have.

This Christmas, I pray you get to take some time to celebrate and rest in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and spend quality time with family & friends.

Much love,

Syd Phil


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